Friday, April 22, 2011

Round 6: Chemo Schmeemo part 2

I have decided to break up my cycles (chemo treatments) into parts.  These first two treatments are considered one cycle.  So, cycle 1 is called Chemo Schmeemo for a reason... it was a breeze, not as scary as I always thought it would be.  So friends, on to today's experience....

  Two weeks!!  I will only have my hair for two more weeks then BAM... gone.  It's only hair and I am NOT vain at all, so it's really not bothering me.  I am excited almost.  Oh the cool things I can do, be imaginative- because let's face it, a 41 yr old woman should NOT sport a Mohawk... but I will!  Well, until it falls out, then comes the head painting, wigs, funky hats, etc.  I will get away with things I shouldn't at my age, and it's going to be a blast!  My freak flag is going to wave loud and proud!  Daily photos will be posted for people to laugh at, to smile at and hopefully find the courage to do the same if they are going through the same thing.  This blog is not just about me, but about anyone who reads it, especially other cancer patients.  I write for them, and I write for me.  It's a catharsis for me, I have always been able to write my feelings better than speaking them and I hope my words wind up healing some one's pain. 

  I do have to say, I hate the water pills!!!  I can't stop peeing!  I am supposed to drink 8oz of liquid every hour that I am awake to keep my kidneys and bladder healthy.  Ok, fine... I can accept that.  That will make me pee a lot as it is, but adding water pills to help flush the chemo out?  Come on!  I feel like I need roller skates to help me make it to the bathroom faster and it's only like 10 steps away!   Maybe now is the time to invest in depends, for God help me if someone tells a funny joke! 

  I brought my new DVD player today, it did help pass the time, but Barb was with me and she helped pass it better.  This is the last time someone can sit in the room with me.  It stinks, but I'll get over it.  They only allow someone to stay with you for the first cycle due to patient confidentiality and to protect out dwindling white cell counts.  So, my DVD player will come in handy while poor Barb gets stuck in the lobby waiting for me.

  Barb came prepared today!!  We didn't know what we were facing yesterday, so we were minus some lunch, but nibbled on chips.  Today, we had sandwiches, grapes, chips and coffee!  She brought me a Pepsi, but I can tell the chemo is already affecting my taste buds... my fave soda tasted like crap and she dumped it out.  It's ok though, I can live without carbonation, just bring on the milkshakes.  Oh yeah, I didn't tell you!  I am SUPPOSED to have milkshakes, ice cream, Popsicles, smoothies, loads of cheese, hard boiled eggs, basically anything with calcium and protein.  I am really going to love this diet!

Ok, my energy is gone for now, so I will write more tomorrow or the next day.  Monday is an echocardiogram to check my heart as well as a shot to boost my white cells.  I hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend.  Please remember, Christ arose from the dead to prove to us He is the son of God, who died for our sins.  It's not about the bunnies, eggs and chocolate.  I am living proof of this, for without my faith, I would not have such good spirits through what should be dark times.

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