Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Legend of Sir Bruce

He came armed for the battle
with his strong will and might.
Some called him a pirate,
but others a knight.

On his magical unicorn
he rode for the cave.
He had his sights set,
a dragon to slay.

The cavern was dark,
yet he showed no fear.
He sensed the mighty dragon,
Humperdink, was near.

Humperdink was evil,
right to his core.
He had taken many lives,
men and women, to be sure!

Sir Bruce took a hit
but stayed fast in his stance
Humperdink was shaken,
a mortal took this chance?

The dragon was quiet,
no sound did he make.
Sir Bruce was determined
the dragon's life must he take.

Humperdink was sneaky
and hide he did well.
Fear not! For Sir Bruce
would send him to hell.

The dragon dodged
every attack the knight made.
But his sword "Zebraloaf"
did harm that very day.

The villagers rejoiced
as Sir Bruce returned.
The dragon would die
and soon, they had learned.

A celebration was had
by those far and near.
A hero had conquered
what they most fear.

But something amiss
was seen in the knight.
He was growing pale
in his eyes, no light.

It seemed the hit he took
by Humperdink that day
put poison in his blood
that made him turn grey.

Off on his unicorn
to the cave he did go
To see if the mighty dragon
was truly no more.

Alive, he was!
Such a sight to see.
Humperdink was thriving
by the powers that be.

Sir Bruce was angered,
shocked and in disbelief.
He must strike again,
so all may have relief.

The dragon's eyes lowered,
he glared at the knight.
Sir Bruce raised his sword
prepared for the fight.

The battle was great,
both determined to win.
They fought long and hard
they did not give in.

Sir Bruce was very injured
Humperdink was too.
For dragon and knight
this war was through.

The knight looked at his foe
and his foe looked at he.
Their eyes filled with hatred
but it was not meant to be.

Their strength all gone
they could battle no more.
Humperdink was defeated
of this he was sure.

For Sir Bruce himself
had lost that same day.
To Heaven his soul,
was taken away.

Thus is the legend
of Sir Bruce of Rock Hill.
Whose heart was as big
as was his sheer will.

A great man of joy,
strong and so brave.
A pure man of honor
who took less than he gave.

We shall sing his song
for years to come.
Until all the dragon's battles
have been won.

Wendy L. Loose 2012


  1. Wendy, that was beautiful and so vivid......Bruce loved it, of this, I am sure....xoxo Marcea

    1. Thank you love... I am hoping he loves it, for it's how I see my courageous friend, my hero. I know God set aside a very special unicorn for him :) xoxo <3

  2. Keep it up sweetie. I am not sure I remember Bruce but I'm sure like all of us who have met and got to know you that your friendship to him was one to be cherished. He may not be here physically but he is physically in your heart. xoxoxxoxo Mason

  3. Thank you Mace... Bruce was class of 88. He was very special, as are you, to me. I love you! xoxo