Thursday, April 28, 2011

0 - 60 in .... 5 days!!

Wow, I woke up this morning energized!   So now I know to give it at least 5 days before I start feeling like my old self again, at least as far as the energy level is concerned.  They said 2-3, but they also said chemo treats everybody different. 

  I feel like taking a walk today, looking at the green grass, but not feeling it... Florida grass is horrible compared to the lush Michigan grass I grew up in.  During my trip to NYC in September I sat down and felt the grass, there was heaven!  It brought back all the memories I had of rolling around as a child on that beautiful, kelly green carpet of nature.  I miss "real" grass, Florida's is just too picky and itchy.   I also want to take the time to notice the flowers, maybe bring my camera with me to catch what is blooming.  I loves taking stills of flowers.  I get to keep their beauty with me always, and they get to stay alive and thrive.  No picking flowers for me!  I am of an unusual sort, I know women LOVE to get flowers, but I prefer a potted plant of flowers.  A bouquet of flowers just says, "enjoy my beauty, for I will die on you very soon" and that saddens me.  I feel like finding a canal near here and sit on the bank of it and watch the water birds.  I have some great shots of our water fowl here.  I thank my mother for all of this.  She is the one that taught me to appreciate all of nature and it's creatures.   I think this is going to be a very good day today! 

Come on sunrise!  It's a brand new day!

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  1. you won an award congrats!