Friday, May 13, 2011

Round 8: Chemo, The Breakfast of Champions Part II

  Believe it or not, it was just an average day!  My superstitious nature was at a pique today because of the date, and I was worried it was a bad omen to receive chemo on such a date.  All went smooth.  I got a chair by the window, so my DVD was in use.  I had to cover my mouth though, I laughed too many times.  "Death at a Funeral" the original British version is one of my favorite movies, so I decided that was the one to watch.  There were only 3 other patients after a bit so it was a bit quiet.  I had a new nurse today, I have been having the same one the other times, but they are all terrific. She borrow my "Dirty Love" DVD, said she had to see it.  I told her it was raunchy, obnoxious but extremely funny and she said it was her kind of movie.  I will get it back Monday when I get my neulasta shot. 

  No "Red Devil" today, just the Cysplatin,the two magnesiums, two potassiums and the anti-nausea with a side of steroids.  I mustn't foget the dreaded water pill... the one that makes me do the "Bladder Bossa Nova" like every 15 minutes! 

  Feeling tired today, but that is to be expected.  Lost my taste buds snack of cheetos tasted like crunchy cardboard but I ate them anyway, I was hungry.  I didn't get to meet any angels today, which saddened me.  I have yet to just go to that doctor's office and not meet one angel.  I have either received my messages loud and clear or just the right amount for now, until I feel down again. 

  It's sad, but I don't even have a funny story to tell.  I am telling you it was just another, normal day in the life of me with cancer.  I did rock one of my new bandanas :D  I was pink and green head to toe!  I wore my purple yesterday... Barb wears her purple to every chemo appointment.  Now I am just rocking my 2 year old's bow in what little hair I have on the top of my head, channeling Pebbles Flintstone. 

Each day that passes, I am braver, stronger, more tired yet enthused that I am beating this.  Dr. Lunin said a very wise thing yesterday, "For every strand of hair that falls is one million cancer cells dying"   I embrace that.

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