Monday, May 2, 2011

Round 7: Open Up and Say OW!

  Nope, it hasn't been an easy road since that first dose of chemo.  I have been nauseous, losing fluids but mostly tired.  I can deal with the lack of energy, I just rest and it comes back.  These new symptoms?  I am not liking at all!  I have been experiencing the feeling of my tongue being burned, like when you take a sip of too hot coffee.  I had hoped it would go away, but it hasn't.  My tongue still feels raw and sore.  Let's add to open mouths sores as of today.  One on each side of my mouth, on my inner cheeks.  I had my tastebuds back for a few days, but since this mouth thing started, they have been slowly going away again.  Gatorade tastes like water, my salad tasted like nothing and my favorite treat of yogurt and fresh berries taste like dog crap!  (By the way, I do know what dog crap tastes like, but it's a whole other story!!)

  Bone pain.   Yes, BONE PAIN!  My legs ache like they have never ached before.  I can't get them comfortable.  This is not due to the chemo, but due to a shot to boost my white cell count.  It's one of the lovely side effects listed on the package.  My bones are working over-time in their little marrow factories producing cells thanks to this shot.  I was told some people never feel it, some people feel a mild pain and others feel a stronger pain.  Guess which one I was lucky to get??  You win the million!  STRONG PAIN!
I have given birth to 7 children, so my tolerance to pain isn't that low.  I can suck up a lot of pain and keep going.  I have a horrible back and deal with that pain daily, but I am sorry, this leg pain sucks.  I can now sympathize with those that suffer from RLS (restless leg syndrome).  I am constantly moving them, adjusting them and stretching them, hoping for a bit of relief.  Ibuprofen and acetaminophen aren't touching it in the slightest.  I am so glad I still have some pain pills left over from my surgery.  They help for a few hours.
Walking on them is even worse I found out, after taking a trip to the store.  I did my best to ignore like a trooper but when I got back home to rest, I cried like a baby.

  If anybody has any suggestions for the mouth pain, I would love to hear them.  Is there an organic mouthwash that won't burn?  Any advice you can give would be awesome.  Remember, I am not only writing this for me, but for anyone else that cancer has affected or will affect in the future.  It would be nice if only ONE person was helped by this blog.  I would feel I did my job in sharing my life with the world if the life of just one person was changed for the better. 

  I only have one request, when you post a comment or some advice, please keep it positive and upbeat.  I won't allow negative energy to flow from this blog.  My posts may be sad, depressing or whatever, but they are never written while negative.  I am always upbeat and happy when I write, even when it's about mouth sores the size of the Grand Canyon!

Today's emotions:  Frustration, Fear, Confusion, Pride (for the USA) and Hope....


  1. I got this from the Mayo Clinic. I hope it helps!!
    Oh, and you're REALLY not going to like this... there is one other thing, but I will tell you privately in case it's a touchy subject.

    "Despite efforts to prevent mouth sores, you may still develop them. Treating mouth sores primarily involves minimizing your pain until the cells of your mouth heal and begin regenerating after your cancer treatment ends.

    Tell your doctor if you develop any sensitivity in your mouth or notice any sores forming. Your doctor may recommend treatments, such as:

    Coating agents. These medications coat the entire lining of your mouth, forming a film to protect the sores and minimize the pain you might feel while eating or drinking. Topical painkillers. These medications can be applied directly to your mouth sores. Your mouth may feel numb when using painkillers, so be careful when eating or brushing your teeth because you won't be able to feel if you're causing more injury to your mouth. In addition to medications, you can take simple steps to reduce the pain you feel from mouth sores. You might:

    Avoid painful foods. Stay away from acidic foods and spicy foods that could further irritate your mouth. Avoid sharp and crunchy foods, such as chips, crackers and pretzels, and instead opt for softer foods cut in small pieces. Caffeine and alcohol also can irritate an already sore mouth. Eat foods at room temperature or slightly warm, since hot or cold foods might be painful to eat. Eat small meals more frequently. Cut your food into small pieces and eat slowly. Use a straw. A straw for drinking keeps liquids away from sore areas in your mouth. Continue cleaning your mouth. If it's too painful to use a toothbrush, ask your health care team or your dentist about special foam swabs, which are easier on your gums. Rinse out your mouth several times a day. Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol. Mix a weak saltwater solution to swish around in your mouth or try a combination of baking soda and warm water."

  2. No advice, just (((hugs))) Hope those nasty mouth sores and bone pains disappear whilst you sleep one night and you wake up magically cured!

  3. They should have given you a prescription for Dr. Kings Magic Mouth Wash!!! It helps some. OTC that will help with the sore is Zilactin. It is made for cold sores inside your mouth. I may last a little while longer than the swish and swallow of Dr. Kings! Mo