Friday, June 15, 2012

"Sarc" - My Second Favorite "asm"...

  Guess what the first one is?  *BUZZ*  Wrong!  It's CHASM. 

I feel like I have lived my whole life in one.  I am constantly striving to climb up and out and I keep slipping down occasionally on the slick, moss-covered rocks.  I see the top, I see the light but it's so far out of reach.  When I look back, all I can see is darkness.  The darkness that I have managed to scurry out of with my strength and perseverance.  I am some where in the middle at the moment. 

I am going to give you a scale of how deep and wide this chasm is exactly.  I am assuming all are educated enough to know of The Grand Canyon.  Well, my chasm makes The Grand Canyon a wide break in the sidewalk.  Yes, it's that HUGE!  Okay, it feels that huge.  Nevertheless, it's pretty big and intimidating. 

Obstacles I have overcome lie at the bottom but I can no longer see them.  They are far in the past.  I merely see blackness.  The jagged rocks I have yet to surmount, mock me as I reach for them, trying to lift my weak body further towards the sun.  I can and will do this, I am just unsure of how much time it will take.  I am estimating my entire lifespan.  Dust crumbles in my hand as I attempt to grasp on firmly, reminding me just how precious and fragile is the human life.  Blood coats my finger nails as I dig in firmly, clinging to any hope I have of reaching that crevice in the top.  I am stubborn, so I will never give up, I will constantly strive to climb higher and higher.  Through the sweat and the tears, the laughter and the joy, I will reach my goal. 

This is my chasm.  It is a difficult path to maneuver.  I believe we all have them, though some may be smaller than other's.  One person's climb may be much shorter than another's.  No matter how tiny or massive your chasm is, you can do it, you can reach the exit.  You can touch the stars.  Reflecting on what you have left behind  in your climb is of no use, it's simply another stone you surmounted.  You can smile and say, "I have made it thus far and I shall continue on!" but don't look back.  The darkness that follows will over-take you, trying to force you to give up on your focus.  Keep your head up towards that big, blue sky and feel the warm rays of the sun caress your face.  The yellow heat of hope is there, you only have to feel it to believe it. 

Strive.  Believe.  Reach.  Hope.

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