Sunday, May 6, 2012

Want and Need, Learn the Difference!

My darling children,

English, they say, is one of the most difficult languages to learn.  Well, you have been speaking it your entire lives now, so you should have it mastered.  However, you still need to learn the difference between a want and a need.  So, let's go over this lesson yet again...maybe you will grasp the concept this time around!

Example 1:  You WANT that new PS Vida
                    You NEED a swift kick in the pants if your room doesn't get cleaned!

Example 2:  You WANT to go to the mall.
                    You NEED to do your chores to learn responsibility.

Example 3:  You WANT those really expensive shoes.
                    You NEED to keep your grades up to get into a great college, have a career and buy them for yourself!.

Example 4:  You WANT all the technology that money can buy.
                    You NEED sunshine and time outdoors to stay happy and healthy.

Example 5:  You WANT to see that concert.
                    You NEED to learn that money doesn't grow on trees and that bills MUST come first.

Example 6:  You WANT to be shuttled here and there.
                    You NEED to understand that gas prices are on the rise, so get a part-time job and help pay for some of the little things, then you will understand the concept of money.

Example 7:  You WANT those delicious snack foods.
                    You NEED to eat healthier to avoid problems later in life.  Refer to Example 4's NEED to understand how to stay healthy.

Example 8:  You WANT to relax after school.
                    You NEED to do your homework and chores first.  At your age, you really shouldn't need to "relax" so much. 

Example 9:  You WANT privacy.
                    You NEED to understand that while you are under my roof, privacy not does pertain to you for the most part.  Sure, you can shower, change and get ready privately.  Do not expect FULL privacy until you have proven you are trustworthy.

Growing up, I understood the differences, why doesn't this generation?

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