Tuesday, May 22, 2012


  Those words from Mortal Kombat keep running through my head. 

No matter how hard I have fought through life, and I have had many battles (not all illness) it seems there was always some crazy f*ed up thing dragging me back down. 

Just like Nitara, the blood sucking vampire...I keep coming back to life to kick some more hiney. 


I just refuse to give up, I will keep kicking and slicing my way through life until my last, gasping breath.  My spirit may be defeated at the moment, but that will pass.  I have proven my strength through divorce, the death of my mother, a life-threatening car accident, cancer and I will prove my resilience through this COPD horseshit. 


Yeah, no.  Sorry, but you have the wrong player.  Go find Princess Kitana and screw up her world, Nitara will not go down without a good, long fight. 

Why Nitara?  Because, I will suck the life out of anything that attempts to block my path.  I ate cancer before it ate me.  I devoured certain men before they could devour me.  I will beat the hell out of the next steps in life. 

Some of you are questioning my use of "improper language" at the moment, wondering if I have fallen from my faith.  Nope.  I am still strong in my faith and I know God has my back.  Some of you are wondering why I speak of the "evil" vampire when I am a the Christian faith.  Puh-lease.  Everyone has their own personal convictions when they follow the teachings of the Bible.  I don't feel the least convicted when I curse or enjoy a horror movie or gory things.  I don't feel they are "of the Devil" and about the only thing that I do feel that way about is witchcraft, Ouija boards and demonic stuff.  They totally creep my ass out.  I will still watch movies like that though... I know God has my back.


Sorry, when my time is up, it's up.  God is selfish and wants us all home at some time or another.  I heard that line in a movie, recently.  I liked it.  It seems He's not knocking on my door, telling me to come back, so I am here for a while yet. 


I am glad that keeps pounding in my brain, honestly.  It may be driving me to a white jacket, hearing it all the time (no, I am NOT hearing voices externally) but it's clearly a message.  My inner-self is gearing up for another great battle, my fangs are sharpened along with my claws, and knives.  So, you come on and try to knock this girl down Mr. COPD... the only thing that you will hear is...


and that's yours, not mine!

To my readers:  I am a gamer as well, so if you are clueless about the subject matter involving Mortal Kombat, I do apologize.  I am a proud geek and often compare life to my love for movies, video games, comics and TV shows. 

By the way, on a separate note.... PISSED at TV show HOUSE!!!!  I beat Thymoma cancer, the same Wilson had.  It's a cancer you WANT to have if you get diagnosed with it.  He was diagnosed with the exact same type and stage as myself.  OK, so obviously you wanted to kill off a character since the show is ending, but really???  Use a cancer that is fatal, not one that is completely curable.  I think they chose that type because it's so rare and no one's really heard of it, so no one would question the methods they used.  THIS GIRL DID!   His tumor WOULD have shrunk given the correct chemo, mine did.  THYMOMA'S SHRINK WITH THE RIGHT CHEMOTHERAPY!!!

Ok, rant over. 

House over.

Wow, House is over... guess that just leaves Boothe for my Monday night man-candy!!

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