Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Standing on My Soapbox

  Please forgive the following rant.  Actually, no, don't.  Hate me, disown me, applaud me, I really don't care what your opinion is about what I am going to say.

I have been loathing FaceBook lately.  There is so much whining going on!  Yes, I have done my share but NOT for the same reasons.

I don't want to hear you whine about your damn job.  You should be thankful you have one in the first place.  You are aware of the unemployment rate, correct?  I know several people that would be thankful to take that job from you and do it with a smile on their face, without complaint.  Be thankful you are healthy enough to have a job as well, several people in this country are disabled and cannot work at a job, and they probably would trade their life for yours any given day of the week.

I'm so sorry your car repair was $500.  A little gratitude that you can afford car repairs AND a car would be nice to see instead of the bitching. 

Who cares if you are single!  You can be fabulous AND single!  You don't need a woman/man to make you complete.  Sure, it's always nice to have a companion, but you don't need one.  The right person will come along when it's the right time.  If they never do?  You really didn't need some one..  Pat yourself on the back, you did life solo and you were amazing at it!

Oh, so you are spending too much on Christmas?  Budget yourself!  There are some of us that won't be spending anything this year, or next year possibly, due to this economy.  Hell, could be the next four years!  No one knows.  Set a limit and stick to it.  I am sure that computer from last year still works and you really don't need to purchase a new one.  Your children won't remember every gift they receive, they will remember the time you spent with them, however.  Which will go farther with them in their lifetime?

For once in your self-centered lives, think of the less fortunate.  The family looking for shelter on cold nights, the single mother working double shifts to put a few gifts under her tree, the couple that was just laid off right before the holidays, the man that has been unable to find a job through no fault of his own, the family that lost a family member recently, the sole provider that has an illness... I could go on and on, but you get the point.  All I see is people complaining over empty shit when there are REAL problems in the world.  REAL people affected by these issues are shaking their head at you and just don't have the balls to say anything.  Mine are brass, thank you.  I will remind you of your needless spending when the Toys 4 Tots drive is here, I will poke you when the soup kitchens run low on food and I will ask that you carry ONE BAG.  You have never heard of ONE BAG?  Look it up, it's so easy to do and really makes a difference in one person's life. 

Thank you, I am now stepping down.  Proceed to pelt me with stick and stones...

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