Thursday, November 8, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham

  Welcome to the 1st annual Green Eggs and Ham awards!

Why are they called this?  Well, they represent me!  My green, chemo eggs and my hammy personality, my dad was Sam and my twins were born on Dr. Seuss' birthday.  Now you are catching on!

These awards are to honor those people in my life that have supported, helped, inspired and impacted my life from diagnoses to this last year of remission. IF you were not mentioned, you have just been over-looked by mistake.  Send me a message like, "Dammit Wendy, remember how I did.... "  and I will edit this award show. Don't mince words, don't be offended, just message or call.  No one is INTENTIONALLY left out. 

Best All Around Support System-  Damon Stickney, Barb Chandler and Stacey Mabry.  Thank you for constantly being there not only for me, but for the children as well.  It doesn't matter what the request is, if you can honor it, you will, no questions asked.  You are the most giving and loyal friends and I greatly appreciate all of you.  I just don't say it enough and I really should.  I love you all.

Best in Inspiration- three-way tie!  Bruce C. Rosenberg, Renee Heidtman, and Kristen Johnston.  Bruce, you inspired me to continue the fight and to enjoy every moment life has to offer, and for that sir, I honor you daily.  You amazed me and your memory will last for all eternity.  Rest in Peace sweet friend.  Renee Heidtman, you inspire me daily.  Your fight and strength, grace and enthusiasm during a dark time is mesmerizing.  Kristen, you have saved so many with your book, GUTS and continue to inspire by example.  You lit a fire under my butt, with your words, so that I may share my darkness and try to follow in your foot-steps.  You start charities that are so very important (SLAM), and tell it like it is.  What an honorable trait!  Helping people is so gratifying and I thank you.  You all are loved by this girl.

Best in Humor and Support-  Reina Phillips.  Thank you Reina, for showing me what a pair of nuts we are in this pea-pod built for two.  You are my sista from another mista and I love you.  Thank you for taking care of my family when I couldn't. 

Best in Strength- Julie Rosenberg.  Lady, you never cease to amaze me.  You 'Berg women certainly know how to get up and out during the most difficult of times.  I so admire you for standing tall despite what you have gone through.  I draw from that strength and hope I can be as strong as you one day.  Love you.

Best in Love- 5 way tie!  This award is shared among Scott, Seth, Tabitha, Addison and Serenity.  My love for you and your love in return has been just the medicine I really needed.  Never forget how much I love and appreciate all you do for you mother.  I treasure every second we have together.

Best Entertainment-  The Pit Crew.  Thank you for all the laughter.  It was all of you that made me giggle through tears, laugh through pain and remain strong in our bond for one very special man.  What an amazing group of people you are and I am truly honored to have been a part of this with you.  Much love and Unicorn farts.

Best in Long Distance Support-  Sheelagh Smyth. I have never quite told you how much you have meant to this family.  You totally saved this family when we were desperate and saw no hope in sight.  You are there with your humor, hope, friendship and french fry penises and we love you.  May the Money Fairy rain constant showers of money and good fortune upon your head.

Best in Guidance- Claudia Armstrong.  My sister, my friend and my own personal "Dear Abby".  Her advice and wisdom comforted me and led me to a better place in life.  I love you, big sister.  I wouldn't trade you for all the world.  I am so glad and proud to call you sister, but even more proud to say you are my friend as well.  We stand tall together, defend each other and if I was given a choice for a sister, I would have picked you.

Best in Food and Drinks-  2 way tie!  Lee Bacon and Jill Timmerman.  Lee and Jill, I will never forget our adventure with fried pickles and crab legs!  I still laugh at that time and it's a favorite memory.  I love you guys dearly and love our Starbucks time together as well, Jilly.  Best friends come and go, but you have been a constant since high school and are more like a sister to me.  Lee... what can I say?  Thanks for the hilarity and loyalty.  The emotional support was amazing and I thank you for that also.

Honorable Mentions- Jimmy Page, Beth and Curtis Nice, Kimberly Rutter Weld, Dacia Houser, April Bradley, Janus Haeussler, Leigh Morphies, Christine Nutile, Sonja Elliott, Crystal Elliott, Desiree Elliott, Tiffany Elliott, Doug Elliott, Wayne and Barb Elliott, Matthew and Nicole Elliott, Gary Elliott, Dale Elliott, Carla Hiltunen, and Cara Shuerman.  I love you all for everything you did, be it support, surprising me before surgery, texts, phone calls, letters, it mattered. YOU mattered.

Thank you to every body listed and many more not listed.  It's been one year since I was diagnosed as "in remission" and I couldn't have reached that point without any of you! 

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