Sunday, January 20, 2013

Watch Your Mouth!

  Did I move to Europe?  I must have missed that.  Oh wait, you weren't asking for a cigarette, you were calling some person a fag.  Unless we are in Europe, that is an unacceptable word!  Don't let me hear you say that around me!

That movie was gay?  Really?  How could an inanimate object be happy and joyful?  Again, I apologize, forgive me for being so stupid that I did not understand you were calling some "thing" a homosexual.  Interesting.

 Knock off  the offensive remarks, or I will find some nasty soap for your mouth.

Your friend is retarded?  Wow.  I am so proud that your friend is in high school, on the debate team and is an honor roll student.  Wait, what?  I see, they aren't really retarded, it's a figure of speech.  Do you know how horrible that "figure of speech" is?  It's such an ugly word, if you find them to be an idiot at any given point, use that one instead.  Better yet, how about cutting out all name-calling all together.  Wishful thinking....

Moron, jerk, dummy, stupid, retard, fag, queer, gay... these all seem to be mainstream words for the teens of today.  It's comparable to we, the 80s kids, saying "gross me out" or "gag me with a spoon"!  It's completely normal in their little world to use this language as it is to use "the" or "and". 


and more YUCK.

I keep trying and trying to remind my children how hurtful these words can be, starting from when they were very young.  It has become a habit thanks to the other teens speaking this way.  Having parents that just don't give a rat's ass or are bigoted assholes are the problem.  I'm not sure which it is, I just know that if you have not trained your children that these are just as bad (no, worse) than cursing you are totally doing your child a disservice as a parent.

You should also be covered in honey, red ants devouring your hateful body.

I'm not the judge or jury though, so I shall retain my evil fantasy while I listen to your teens speak the nastiness. 

I am probably pouring honey on your teens in my mind, just so you know.  I know I mentally pour it on mine as I hear these words spew forth from the lips God and I created. 

Don't worry, I won't harm a kid, my images are mine and mine alone.  They won't be acted upon.  It's all just wishful thinking.

Just like the wishful thinking I do on a daily basis that these words are erased from our vocabulary, or only used in proper context.

Here ya go, kiddos!  A proper sentence:  Isn't it queer that I should be so gay on such a cloudy day? 

The other words should just be erased. Period.

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